We love tarantulas here at Scales ‘N Tails! And what better month to celebrate our 8-legged friends than October. So we are all very pleased that October’s Animal of the Month is the Mexican Redknee Tarantula, (Brachypelma smithi.)


This is a new world, terrestrial tarantula native to, as it’s name would suggest, the Pacific coast of Mexico. They dig burrows into the hillsides, where they spend much of their time, safe from predators and ready to ambush prey. These are good sized tarantulas, with robust bodies and a typical adult leg span of 6” or more. Like all tarantulas, they are carnivorous, and primarily eat insects, but will happily eat small mammals or reptiles given to opportunity.


Scales ‘N Tails highly recommends Mexican Redknee Tarantulas as we believe that make great pets for beginners and experts alike. They are absolutely gorgeous animals, and very hardy in captivity. While, just like all tarantulas, they are venomous, they typically have a very docile nature. However, they are known to flick their urticating hairs off their abdomen when threatened. Human contact with these hairs can cause discomfort and often a rash, but should not be something to be alarmed of. If any tarantula is acting defensive, it is best to simply leave it alone.


Caring for a pet Redknee Tarantula could not be easier. We recommend keeping adults in a 10-gallon terrarium. Eco Earth Coconut Bedding should be used as a substrate, at a depth of about 4 inches to give them plenty of room to burrow. Add a small water dish and a Habba-Hut or piece of Cork Bark they can use as a starter burrow/hide, and the interior of your tarantula’s home is complete. Temperatures should be kept between 70-85 degrees, so providing a small supplemental heat source may be necessary. Ideal humidity level should be around 60-70%, which can be achieved by simply wetting about ½ of the substrate, evaporation will take care of the rest. Once it’s environmental needs have been met, simply provide your tarantula a few appropriately sized Dubia Roaches or Crickets weekly, and you’ll have a happy, healthy pet.

If you provide the right environment for your Mexican Redknee, then you’ll be able to enjoy your pet tarantula for a long time. This is a slow growing species that takes relatively long time to reach maturity. Females of this species have a captive lifespan of 25-30 years! Unfortunately, Male Redknees aren’t so lucky, but will still typically live for 5-10 years.

Finally, we wouldn’t be doing our Animal of the Month justice if we didn’t make it an affordable pet option. So for the month of October, while supplies last, we will have well started, 3” Mexican Redknee Tarantulas available for the unbeatable price of $74.99! Animals this size typically sell for $120 or more, so if you’re interested in a new pet tarantula, there has never been a better time to get one!