Burmese Mountain Tortoise


The Burmese Mountain Tortoise is generally considered the fourth largest land tortoise in the world. It is second in size only to the Sulcata among the mainland tortoises, reaching maximum weights of close to 100 lbs. The phayerei subspecies is generally considered to be the larger, with emys emys usually only reaching 2/3 the size of their relatives. The emys subspecies is also called the Burmese Brown Tortoise while the phayerei is called the Black. Both have also been called the six-footed (legged) tortoise due to the very large and pointed tubercular scales on the rear thighs.

Manouria emys emysLocale: Southern Asia
Preferred Temp: 75-85 degrees F
Max Size: 18-24 in.
Diet: Rough Plants, Veggies, Fruits, & Dry Tortoise Diet


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