Pacman Frog

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Ceratophrys is a genus of frogs in the family Ceratophryidae. They are also known as South American horned frogs as well as Pacman frogs due to their characteristically large mouth and abdomen, thus resembling the video game character Pac-Man.

Ceratophrys ornateLocale: Northern South America
Preferred Temp: 81 degrees F
Max Size: 10-15 cm.
Diet: Insects & Rodents

1 review for Pacman Frog

  1. Nathan fralic

    I have bought two pacman frogs off of scalesntails just recently at a las Vegas reptile show, the frogs were healthy and happy they came in very large container which I liked very much they were very considerate when I bought my first frog from them they wanted the full after I came back for a mother they dropped the price of a $25 dollar teal pacman to $15! All because I had already bought from them, anyways the frogs are very gorgeous and vibrant they are active and very good eaters they have never failed to burry themselves completely and poop regularly

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